• Image of Bodhi Space Blends
  • Image of Bodhi Space Blends

"By simply BEing we can find divine balance together through meaningful moments that rejuvenate the true self. With the use of energy healing, plant knowledge, & perspective, Bodhi Space strives to help each person find what they are seeking in themselves and to take root in their own body for a blossoming life." -bodhi space

(a meditation blend)
just be:
Grounding, earthy, sweet, and aromatic; “just be” brings you back to the present. Just be now...not yesterday or tomorrow. Those only exist in your mind’s eye.
•yang ylang
•white fir •fennel
•vetiver patchouli

(a protection blend)
light of night:
Feel confidence and protection as you journey into the shadow.
know you are light and know that without the darkness you would cease to exist. it is these two together that shape our perception. knowledge is power and duality is the way.
•bergamot •lemon
•fennel •melaleuca

(an alignment blend)
A wide array of plant friends merge here to assist in tuning and centering our energies. By aligning the chakras you are
more easily able to manifest your desires. Take charge of the integrity of your affirmations.
•cassia black pepper

(an endurance blend)
Get ‘er done! Get energized and get focused to work on your
passions. When the 9-5 is eating you alive make sure you still have drive to breathe life into your dreams. Afterall, that's where the magic happens.
•Wild Orange
•Basil •Rosemary
•Douglas Fir


•Wild Orange •Lime
•Basil •Rosemary
•Douglas Fir
Call upon the 4 elements and use Earth magic. We hold within us the elements of the Universe and sometimes need a little help balancing. Welcome these spirits into your space and feel the energy they hold.
Air: I float, release, & adapt
Earth: I center, stabilize, & become
Water: I flow, persist, & encompass
Fire: I invigorate, rise, & transform