• Image of Ruby Wands

Ruby stone has a vibration that radiates with an intensity that projects energy and enthusiasm for life.
It encourages leadership and increased concentration, with sharpness of intellect.  This beautiful red stone allows you to see your own strength, and your creative potential from a heart based perspective.
Ruby is very effective for encouraging vitality, sensuality and sexual energy.
As well this lovely red crystal may assist you to overcome sexual dysfunction and attract new love.
This is a very much a heart centered stone, and it epitomizes the Divine love of the Creator. It is a stone of manifestation, and will also support the retention of wealth, of all sorts.
One of this stone's alchemical properties is to impart a sense of bliss, as well as encouraging a desire for life. It will aid you by helping you to recharge your energy levels. This energy boost may be part of the reason why it has been a popular stone over the centuries. The Ruby is both a base or root chakra stone and a heart chakra stone, and holds the energy of the red ray.