• Image of Nuummite Skull

➰Nuummite is the stone of meditation and magick. It has a potent vibration, and has become known as the Sorcerers stone. Once you begin to resonate with its powerful energy you may understand why.
This is an ancient stone that embodies strong metaphysical properties, and a deeply felt resonance that is an extraordinary aid to move your spiritual growth forward quickly. It can help with insight and intuition.💎🖤✨
After using this stone you may find an inclination for using your personal magical abilities, and a desire to learn more about this subject may emerge.
Nuummite is also beneficial in warding off that of negative nature or negative intent, for this, one should keep the stone close by. It helps align the auras, and strengthen them against external influences.
➰Within this dark stone is a strong element of the magical and mystical vibration of the earth. If you use it, this may help you to attune yourself with deep earth energy.
Nuummite is a masculine stone, a great stone to have with you if you are father, for example, or if you just want to strengthen the masculine side of your personality.💎➰